Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

15 OCT 2015

Winchester MP backs Chancellor on fiscal responsibility

Steve Brine backed the Chancellor's plans for fiscal responsibility on Wednesday 14th October as he spoke in an evening debate in the House of Commons.

The debate centred around the government's plans to lock into legislation a national policy that a budget surplus must be run when the economy is doing well.

The Chancellor told the House: "After all that Britain has been through, it is remarkable that the proposition in this Charter for Budget Responsibility should even be contentious. It states that now the economy is growing we should be reducing our exorbitant debts, and that we should do that each year by reducing the deficit until we eliminate it altogether and run a surplus.

"Once we have achieved that surplus, in normal times we should continue to raise more than we spend and set aside money for when the rainy days come. It is as simple as that: we should fix the roof when the sun is shining."

The Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP was pleased to hear George Osborne tell him that the government was committed to remaining in the centre-ground of British politics, representing the 'working people of this country who have been completely abandoned by the Labour Party'.

Mr Brine, who urged the Chancellor to reject the 'hard-left nonsense we are hearing from the Opposition', made reference to the very encouraging figures in unemployment among 18-24 year olds, particularly in his own constituency, where the jobless total is down 72% since Mr Osborne took over at No 11.


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