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27 FEB 2018

Steve Brine announces consultation on vaccination programme

Steve Brine appeared before the Petitions Committee on Tuesday 27th February, with Chief Economist Chris Mullin, and Mary Ramsay, the Head of Immunisation at Public Health England.

The Committee, led by their Chair, Helen Jones, was interested in the timings and process involved in the review of the Cost-Effectiveness Methodology for Immunisation Programmes & Procurement (CEMIPP) report by the Department of Health & Social Care's Appraisal Alignment Working Group (AAWG), and they welcomed the publication and decision to consult on the CEMIPP report which Steve Brine had announced on Monday 26th February.

In July 2016 a report commissioned on the cost effectiveness methodologies used for the UK's vaccination programmes was submitted to the Department of Health and Social Care.

The report, which is highly technical, makes recommendations on the model used to determine whether or not a vaccine programme is cost effective. The Government has published the report and announced a three month consultation on the recommendations, to ensure as wide a range of expert views are gathered as possible before any decisions are made.

Steve Brine said: "Our vaccination programme is world-leading - we constantly review the latest evidence, prioritising new and existing vaccines we know offer the best protection.

"This report was commissioned to consider if the methods used to assess cost-effectiveness of vaccination programmes should change and is now open for consultation. We will carefully consider the responses before making any decision."


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You can access the consultation here

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