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07 SEP 2016

MP meets Orthimo in Westminster

Steve Brine met up with Orthimo in Parliament on Wednesday 7th September as the team explained more about their orthopaedic products.

Orthimo work within the UK Medical Device industry, supplying the NHS with exceptional quality Optimised Equivalent® or generic Orthopaedic implants, which are considerably less expensive than the main suppliers.

Earlier this year, the UK became the first country in the world to apply the principle of generics to orthopaedic products with generic hip implants becoming available through the NHS Supply Chain. This ensures that hospitals now have access to high quality, but less expensive, orthopaedic implants, and according to Orthimo, this could save the NHS £120 million by 2020: enough to fund over 1,400 junior nurses every year.

Luc Vangerven, CEO of Orthimo said: "Orthimo's implants are Optimised Equivalent® to the best performing branded reference implants. The UK Healthcare providers now have access to these implants at much better value. This will help more patients live normal lives following hip replacement operations, whilst helping the NHS. This motivates me and my team on a daily basis. We know that we can contribute to positive patient outcomes, and by offering savings, help to safeguard the NHS, so it can continue to offer world class care to patients in the future."

Speaking after the meeting, Steve said: "I was delighted today to meet with Luc Vangerven, CEO of Orthimo, and Oliver Wylie, Head of Orthimo UK, to discuss their revolutionary proposal to provide these excellent orthopaedic implants to NHS and private hospitals to be used in hip replacement operations.

"Procurement I know is a huge issue within the NHS, and I was particularly interested to learn that by switching to generic hip implants the NHS could save up millions in the future. I look forward to liaising with Ministers at the DoH as we discussed and working with the guys some more."

Pictured; Steve joins Luc and Oliver on the House of Commons Terrace


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