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08 JAN 2013

2020 Vision - An Agenda for Transformation

Steve Brine will join colleagues on Wednesday 9th January at the launch of a new report preparing answers for the big questions about the Britain of tomorrow.

2020 Vision - An Agenda for Transformation seeks to demonstrate that progressive Conservative values will equip our country for the challenges ahead, and the kind of society Conservatives wish to build is one in which people can feel at home with modern Conservatives which remain the inclusive, authentic champions of One Nation politics.

The 2020 Group draws on a broad base of progressive Conservative MP's all of whom are optimistic about Britain's future and wish to provide answers to a question of central importance. What could Britain look like in 2020 after a successful Conservative majority government? Many of the answers involve instilling the modernising values embodied in the original Cameron agenda of 2005, into a new set of radical and forward looking policies that are right for our time and which meet the challenges of a fiercely competitive global economy.

Steve Brine said: "One of the many great things about being a Member of Parliament – especially one in Government - is the ability to influence the debate and play even a small part in the direction our country will travel in years to come.

"The 2020 group are generally, but not exclusively, newly elected Conservative MPs who want to think long-term about where Great Britain can prosper in the future and it's refreshing to be involved in such work.

"I worked, alongside others, on the green economy section and think it presents an ambitious picture of what a decarbonised economy could deliver, not take away, from this country. We hope to now take some of themes of this pamphlet and develop them with Ministers into ideas which will have a chance to be included in the next Conservative General Election manifesto."

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