Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

On Thursday 8th June you will have the chance to vote in GE2017, one of the most surprising but most important in years.

Ultimately, this is about the kind of MP you want locally but it is also about the Government you elect to run the country. Remember, either Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn will be in No.10 so your vote here matters a great deal.

Steve has promised he will once again run a positive local campaign and says; "I have done this job for seven years now and have never wasted one column inch on negative campaigning. I don't intend to start now."

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Here are just some of the positive reasons to support Steve Brine at this election ....

  • I have represented the area since 2010 and am able to get things done as a reliable and now experienced constituency MP.
  • As Brexit is delivered I will work positively to make a success of it for our area with a measured tone that respects both sides of the previous referendum result, focusing on unity over division. I want to ensure we are reasonable and inclusive so we can move forward together and make a success of it for our country. Giving the PM that 'strong hand' will be essential in the new Parliament with the complexities expected and trade-offs needed in the tough negotiations that lie ahead.
  • I am working closely with Highways England and senior Ministers to ensure planned improvements at J9 of the M3 are done in full taking into account the impact on local roads.
  • As a Conservative Minister I can ensure our voice is heard at the heart of Government and use Parliament to fight for our area.
  • Our area has seen a 69% drop in the overall jobless count since 2010, with further steady improvement since 2015.
  • I secured some £10m from Hampshire County Council for new primary school places. All local schools are now rated 'Good' or 'Outstanding'.
  • I will continue to fight for commuters as First Group prepare to take over the SWT franchise. I will keep them to every one of their promises.
  • I continue to work closely, and engage professionally, with senior clinicians in our local health service and will always fight for a safe and sustainable NHS.
  • I will run a positive local campaign as always and utterly reject negative campaigning which does so much to turn people off politicians.
  • I live in the heart of the constituency with Susie and our young family (pictured top).

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What local people are saying ...

Here are just a few of the comments received at Steve Brine's campaign HQ;

"Just a quick note to wish you and the Conservatives all the best. Your positive campaign is to be applauded. We have received quite a lot of electoral leaflets now and the negativity, from the Lib Dems in particular, is not only wearing but unprofessional."

"Just to say that I'll be voting for you because you have been a super local MP and will also be able to bring your hard-won experience from the last 5 years into the next parliament. I have always appreciated the fact that you don't criticise the other parties, but rather concentrate on your hopes and achievements, too - and your sense of humour provides some welcome relief!"

"Good Luck on Thursday, Steve. From a lifelong socialist who will vote for you because you have been an exceptional MP!"

"We would like to send you best wishes for election day, We need you here.You have done a great job, hard work always pays off so GOOD LUCK you have our votes."

"Steve, you have been a great MP and have poured your all into it. Well done. Thank you for all you have achieved and for all the sacrifices you have made. As a nurse and the wife of a hospital doctor I'm particularly grateful to you for the emphasis you have put on the NHS. We are behind you. All power to your elbow."

"Sending lots of positive thoughts - have every faith in you!"

"I genuinely feel that you're the best MP we've had in all my time in Winchester. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you for all you have done for Winchester, and for your dynamic approach to being a GREAT constituency MP."

"Good luck with the campaign. Delighted you have promised to reject a negative campaign."

"Many thanks for your email. I'm really pleased that you're committed to positive campaigning."

"I think you've been a brilliant MP with your personal and professional style and I consider the Conservative's are a 'safe pair of hands' as a party in an unpredictable world."

"You can count on our family vote 100%. You have been an unbeatable MP - Winchester is very lucky."

"You have my vote for being such a good local MP."

"Thank you for being an MP with principles in your voting."

"Thank you also for being an excellent Constituency MP and I wish you all the very best in your campaign for re-election. I will certainly be voting for you but before you came along I was voting Lib Dem. It will be a very busy time, but don't cut out time with your family - that is more important than anything."

"I wish you well in the hectic weeks to come and appreciate your commitment to run a 100% positive campaign- that will go down well with many of us."

"Having just read your email and leaflet I thought I would drop you a line to say that I shallcertainly be voting for you in the forthcoming election! If I may say so, I thinkyou have a really first class job over the last four years both locally andnationally."

"Good luck with your campaigning Steve. You deserve another crack at the job."

"Have no fear that I will vote for you. You have done amazing stuff in the last 5 years, as have the Conservative led Government."

"I am very pleased about your commitment to positive campaigning locally. As constituents my wife and I have appreciated your efforts and achievements in a local and national context these last five years."

Want more? Download Steve's special leaflet (from 2015) with local voices endorsing his re-election campaign as our MP. You can also download Steve's GE launch leaflet from Campaign 2017.


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