Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

12 APR 2017

MP visits Winchester City centre business Cytronex

Steve Brine dropped into a 'fascinating' local business in Bridge Street, Winchester on Wednesday 12th April and was given a demonstration of their revolutionary new product.

The Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP met with Mark Searles from Cytronex to see Cytronex C1, which can transform almost any bicycle into a disguised, ultra-lightweight electric bicycle providing power assistance at the touch of a button. Steve wanted to investigate enlisting the help of Business Ministers to assist the Winchester company to grow rapidly and capitalise on their highly innovative technology.

Mark Searles said: "We launched the first Cytronex bikes back in 2008 when they were the first disguised electric bikes and the lightest ebikes in the world. Our concept has always been very popular – you can choose any bike you want or use your own bicycle, and when Cytronex has been fitted it rides just the same as before, but with powerful assistance whenever you need it. Previously, each Cytronex bike would take nearly 2 days to build, so we could never meet demand. Now with Cytronex C1 we can fit the system in just 20 minutes, providing the power of a professional rider for just 3.6Kg of extra weight."

"When we launched Cytronex C1 at Cycle Show our stand was inundated and we realised that we only need to get a customer to try a C1 powered bike and it is sold! So we want to expand fast and sell our innovative British technology across Europe and America. We hold 4 patents already for the technology with more to come and we want to continue manufacturing in the UK. However, we realise that to capitalise on the lead our technology gives us we need support, so we were very pleased that Steve came in to see us to discuss what he can do to help."

Steve Brine said: "Cytronex is one of the most impressive and promising local businesses I have ever met. They are about to completely revolutionise how we view and use electric bikes, and I can confirm the C1 is magnificent. I'm delighted to have met Mark and have already had a discussion with the Business Secretary about how we may be able to help this business grow further and take on the world."

Pictured; Mark Searles and Steve Brine MP at Cytronex based at 7 Bridge Street, Winchester, and a Cytronex C1 powered bike


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