Steve Brine MP

for Winchester & Chandler's Ford

07 JUN 2011

Securing the value of nature

The Government has published a groundbreaking Natural Environment White Paper entitled The Natural Choice.  It is the first enviroment white paper in twenty years and has been warmly welcome by Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine.

The document sets out how Government will deliver its commitment to protect the environment for future generations, make our economy more environmentally sustainable, and improve everyone's quality of life and well-being.

Steve Brine says; "The White Paper offers an ambitious vision for the next fifty years; to be the generation that leaves the natural envionment in a better state than we inherited it.  That is why I and every politician I know came into Parliament in the first place.  As the Winchester MP, I have more reasons than many to want to protect our natural environment - we have something very special to protect as those of us who live here see every day."

Nature improvement areas: we will fund the creation of 12 new Nature Improvement Areas which will focus on enhancing wildlife and biodiversity on a large scale and permit councils to include them in their local plans. Local communities, groups and organisations will be able to nominate sites for consideration to become Nature Improvement Areas and the eminent Professor Sir John Lawton will chair the panel allocating the first twelve.

Local Nature Partnerships: reflecting the success of setting up Local Enterprise Partnerships, we will establish Local Nature Partnerships whereby local groups and local stakeholders can form influential groups to defend, improve and advocate for nature and wildlife in the locality they represent.

Biodiversity Offsets: A pilot programme that allows developers to offset the impact off their projects on local biodiversity by investing in the protection and encouragement of richly bio-diverse areas elsewhere, helping us to achieve tangible environmental gain at the same time as economic growth.

Natural Capital Committee: a new independent Natural Capital Committee to recommend the most cost-effective way to deliver economic growth, whilst also enhancing our natural capital.

Green National Accounts: to show, on an annual basis, where we have withdrawn from and invested in the value of the natural environment.

More information ...

Download the White Paper in full via the DEFRA website here.

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