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01 MAR 2012

Kings Worthy power cuts

A number of serious and highly disruptive power cuts badly affected Kings Worthy and part of the surrounding area in early 2012 and residents, some of whom had suffered for years with intermitent supply, decided they'd had enough.

Winchester MP picked up the case and summoned power company Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) to a meeting at his city centre office in February 2012.

Speaking ahead of the meeting, which was also attended by representatives from Kings Worthy Parish Council Steve said; "I have called the meeting which has a two-fold agenda; firstly, we need some answers and explanations as to what happened this weekend. Secondly, I want to hear SSE's plans for addressing the security of supply in Kings Worthy and immediate surrounding areas. We need some answers and an end to this long-running saga which is getting out of hand."

The timeline ...

November 2011 - another bad weekend and residents contact their MP.  Steve Brine gives a cautious welcome to SSE assurances things are in-hand and all agree to monitor situation closely.

Weekend 4-5 February 2012 - after a quiet Christmas and New Year, widespread loss of power supply across Kings Worthy and parts of neighbouring villages is the straw that broke the camels back.  Residents ask Steve Brine to step in.

Thursday 9 February 2012 - SSE summoned to meet Steve Brine MP at his Winchester office; five-point action plan agreed including a £1.5m-£2m investment plan to lay two new cables into Kings Worthy from a recently upgraded primary sub-station at Sparsholt and an open session in the Spring to explain to residents local power supply issues and outline the future investment plans.

Late March 2012 - Drop-in session announced for Friday 11 May 2012 St Mary's Church Hall on Fraser Road in Kings Worthy to explain to residents the investment plan to be implemented.

Friday 11 May 2012 - More than 100 residents attend drop-in sesson to hear plans and see them laid out on large display boards.  Steve Brine chairs pre-meeting with SSE bosses and local councillors.

Wednesday 6 June 2012 - Steve Brine meets SSE contractors on-site in Harestock Road as work begins on the agreed investment plan and digs the first turf; pictured below!


Steve adds: "SSE rightly took a lot of criticism earlier in 2012, and of course they will ultimately be judged on the success of the improvement work they carried out, but I am really impressed at how they have held their hands up and really knuckled down to work. They brought the full team of experts along to the open meeting, and have been very open about the various issues they have, while being more than happy to engage with the community.

"On top of this, I really am pleased they have been discussing with residents through the parish council various community work they are want to do as a sign of goodwill to the area. This included part-sponsorship of the Worthy's Festival in 2013 and 2014 for which we were very grateful.

"Hopefully, we can start to draw a line under what has been a frustrating time for my constituents in this area. I will of course, continue to monitor this situation very closely."

Pictured; (top) SSE out and about in Winchester; (middle) meeting with Steve in February 2012; Steve with SSE staff at the drop-in session May 2012 in Kings Worthy and (bottom) about to dig the first turf in Harestock Road as work got underway in June 2012.

More information ...

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