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04 JUL 2011

Commission on the funding of care and support

Successive governments have promised to look properly at the big questions on long-term care. This coaliton Government will not duck this issue and it has published the independent report of the Commission on the funding of care and support (the 'Dilnot report').

The Dilnot report contains a range of proposals on what people should pay for their long-term care. It is an important piece of work.

Ministers will now consider each of the Dilnot report's recommendations on their own merits, engaging with stakeholders on the complex questions and trade-offs they raise. They have promised to seek to build consensus on these issues, on a cross-party basis.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said he will publish a social care White Paper in the Spring of 2012, alongside a progress report on funding reform. "We are going to take this time to get reform right, and we will work closely with stakeholders in doing so", said Mr Lansley.

The Dilnot report contains a range of proposals, including;

  • It recommends that a 'cap' should be established for the amount of care an individual should fund themselves, after which the state would meet a person's care costs. The Dilnot report recommends a cap in the range of £25,000 to £50,000.
  • It recommends extending the 'means testing threshold'. At present, any individual with assets in excess of £23,250 must meet all the costs of their residential care themselves. The Dilnot report recommends raising this threshold to £100,000.
  • It recommends a universal 'deferred payments' scheme, which means that an individual will not need to sell their home to pay for their care while they are alive.

There are a large number of other recommendations and the Government has said it will consider each and every one on its own merits.

Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine said; "The Commission recognises that implementing these recommendations involves significant costs to the taxpayer. The Government will obviously need to consider this against all the other calls on our restrained resources. That is why we intend to engage with stakeholders from the autumn – along with the Labour Party – on the complex issues the Dilnot report raises before determining the right way ahead."


Speaking in the House of Commons, Andrew Lansley made clear the issues on the table include:

  • Whether proposals would promote closer integration of health and social care
  • Whether proposals would promote increased personalisation, choice and quality
  • Whether proposals would support greater prevention and early intervention
  • Whether a viable insurance market and a more diverse and responsive care market would be established as a result of the proposals
  • The level of consensus that additional resources should be targeted on a capped costs scheme for social care
  • What a fair and appropriate method of financing the additional costs would be

Following this engagement with stakeholders, the coalition Government will publish a progress report on funding reform in Spring 2012 alongside a Social Care White Paper.

Pictured; Andrew Dilnot unveiling his report.

More information ...

Download the entire Dilnot Report via the DoH website here.


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