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27 MAR 2012

Coalition planning reforms

The coalition Government has published the final version of its planning reforms (known as the NPPF) which return vast swathes of power to local communities. 

The policy aims to put unprecedented power n the hands of people to shape the places in which they live, to better support growth and give the next generation a decent home and to ensure the countryside, towns and cities we cherish are handed to the next generation in a better condition than they are now.

Local MP Steve Brine has spoken in support of the localism agenda - in Government and for many years in opposition - but raised local concerns in Parliament at every opportunity about what remain controversial changes to the planning system in England.


Timeline ...

July 2011 - Ministers publish the draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and are met by a wave of protest from the National Trust, CPRE and thousands of individuals across England.  A 12-week period of consultation (which closed on 17 October 2011) began and thousands of representations were received.

October 2011 - Winchester & Chandler's Ford MP Steve Brine spoke in a key Commons debate about the NPPF on 20 October 2011 and conveyed many issues raised with him by constituents as well as local and national campaigning organisations.

March 2012 - Steve Brine joined forces with 50 MPs from across the parties to put some red lines down ahead of the publication of the final NPPF.  They included;

  • The need to use suitable brownfield land for development before green fields in order to prevent unsustainable urban sprawl.
  • The intrinsic value of the ordinary, undesignated countryside which is loved so much by local communities.
  • A commitment to genuinely sustainable development that does not prioritise short-term economic interests over long-term quality of life and well-being.

27 March 2012 - Planning Minister Greg Clark published the final NPPF (opens as a PDF) and the Government's response to the Communities and Local Government Select Committee Report of the 21 December 2011.  At the same time, the Government sent a letter to Chief Planners (opens as a PDF) in councils across the land.

Local MP Steve Brine spoke in the House of Commons as the announcement was made.  He adds; "It is no secret I was unhappy with the first draft of these changes and I have had a lot of contact with Ministers since to bring my constituents concerns to the consultation process.  They have listened to a great number of representations and we've won important changes on brownfield first, recognising the intrinsic value and beauty of the local countryside whether it is specifically designated or not and made clear that sustainable development embraces social and environmental as well as economic objectives in a balanced way.

"Ministers assure us that the presumption in favour of sustainable development works through, and not against, local plans. Like many of the people I represent I will be watching closely for evidence of that."


More information ...

Visit the DCLG web-pages for the NPPF - here.

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