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29 SEP 2011

Barton Farm Development

For those not familiar with Winchester, Barton Farm is a large greenfield site on the edge of the city centre which has been the subject of application after application for many years from CALA Homes.

Following many years of argument and legal challenge, outline permission was granted in October 2012 for the development.  This is story of how it happened and Steve Brine's involvement/comment along the way.

Much changed following the 2010 General Election when the Conservatives made clear their intention to follow through on its pre-election pledge to abolish regional spatial strategies and the central housing numbers it contains.  This process was directed as 'emerging policy' by the Secretary of State and was completed when the Localism Act received Royal Assent in late 2011.

1. CALA's most recent application was in the Spring 2010 when they put a revised plan to Winchester City Council; it was unanimously refused by the council's Planning Development Control Committee at a special meeting in public, held on Monday 14 June 2010.  Steve Brine addressed the committee that day.

2. The developer appealed against this decision and a public enquiry was held in Winchester Guildhall on Friday 11 February 2011.  As the local MP, Steve Brine gave evidence to the enquiry.

3. The Planning Inspectorate duly reported to Secretary of State Eric Pickles in August 2011 and on 29 September 2011 the Minister gave his response and refused to grant CALA permission for development.  See full story here.
You can read the report of the Planning Inspector in full and the Ministers decision in response by clicking here (opens as PDF file).

4. Predictably the next move - in November 2011 - was an appeal lodged at the High Court in London by CALA Homes to seek judicial review (also known as JR) of the Minister's decision.  You can read the grounds, known as CALA 3, here (opens as a PDF)

5. The never-ending story of Barton Farm then took a different turn, this time by a local decision from Winchester City Council, when - in December 2011 - councillors of all parties approved its 20-year Local Development Plan which included Barton Farm as a major development area for 2,000 homes.  See Hampshire Chronicle report from the time.

6. In early 2012 CALA's JR of the Minister's decison was revealed to be successful and he is required to look again at his response to the planning inspectorate.  This re-sets the clock to September 2011, shown at point 3 above.  Submissions were invited in Spring 2012 and received from many local organisations including the City of Winchester Trust, Save Barton Farm Group and Steve Brine.  All are publicly available but you can read Steve's submission here (opens as PDF).

7. As a result of CALA's successful JR of the Minister's response to the planning inspectorate, he was ordered by the High Court to re-determine (opens as a PDF) his response.  That was received on Tuesday 2nd October 2012 and recommended that the appeal be allowed and outline planning permission be granted.  You can read the Decision Notice in full here (opens as a PDF).

8. With outline planning permission granted to CALA Homes, as a result of the decision in October 2012, the focus moved to implementation and a full planning application (including design standards) to Winchester City Council. On Thursday 27 March 2014, a Special Planning Committee meeting met and approved what's known as Development Control Case 13/02257/REM.  You can view the application page here and view the Hampshire Chronicle report here.
  • Despite his opposition to the development, local MP Steve Brine has pledged to work constructively and fully with WCC and CALA Homes to make the best of Barton Farm now it is set to go ahead.  Steve says; "My constituents and I know I fought this every step of the way but as the elected Member of Parliament, it's no good me throwing my toys out of the pram and leaving the room.  Others will try to continue playing political games with Barton Farm but it's happening and we have to somehow make it work for Winchester."

- Construction work at Barton Farm is due to start in late 2014, with the first homes expected to be released for sale in the summer of 2015.

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