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02 SEP 2014

A33 Cart & Horses Junction

Update June 2016 ...

Highways England approved the works to be constructed on their network and it was completed in May 2016.

Road Safety Auditors will afterwards undertake a post-construction audit of all completed works, where they will, if necessary, recommend minor alterations.

Steve Brine said: "Despite claims to have saved the day, the Cart & Horses junction is sadly not transformed and I know many strong views remain. I have always said (as have council representatives) that this should be part one towards the fundamental layout change (and speed reduction) I am more convinced than ever we require. HCC can in-time reduce the limit to 40, and I will of course work with councillors to this end. Longer term, the roundabout solution - as actually scoped out by one nearby resident – is one I feel we should not lose sight of."


The Cart & Horses junction at Kings Worthy has been an accident black-spot for many years and a cause of great worry to residents from across the area.

Winchester MP Steve has focused a lot of energy since his election in 2010 trying to make this junction safer for his constituents.  His campaign, alongside local councillors of all parties, has been to persuade Hampshire County Council (HCC) of the need to make significant changes to the junction.

Steve says; "A pretty listless campaign to drive change at the spot had made no impact whatsoever so we've had to work hard to get it on Hampshire's radar and the visit by the Secretary of State in 2013 was certainly a turning point.  He took one look and called it a 'nasty junction'.

The other key moment was the appointment of Cllr Sean Woodward as Executive Member for Transport at HCC who immediately took an interest and visited the site with me within days of his appointment."

At his Decision Day on Tuesday 9 September Cllr Woodward approved a scheme worth £103,000 to improve the junction for motorists and pedestrians.

The plans aim to improve pedestrian safety by including three new uncontrolled crossings, one where the existing build out is at the northern end of the central reservation, the second will be in front of the Cart and Horses pub and the third will be located south of the A33 / London road junction. The footway link across the verge on the south west side of the junction will be renewed and widened and a pedestrian island will also be placed to the south of the A33 / Lovedon Lane / Park Lane junction.

Plans to improve road safety include increasing the size of the central reservation where cars wait to turn right on to the A33, and installing vehicle activated warning signs and speed strips on the approach to the junction. It is also being proposed to reduce the speed limit from 50mph to 40mph on this stretch.

Pictured (top); Steve with Cllr Sean Woodward and (below) with Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin at the junction.

More information ...

View details of the proposed scheme on the HCC website

Download Steve's letter to residents, delivered in September 2014

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